by Cold Reality

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released August 16, 2014



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Cold Reality Hungary

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Track Name: Intro / What It Means
when i’m down and I don’t feel like
anything could ever work out
I look around and still find myself,
in the middle of this scene is where I am and will always be
finding myself sincerly happy
about what I have and what this has always ment

’cause I’ll never forget
the blood and the sweat
all the songs we shouted as one
no more barriers, none

with you I know this is not my last breath, 
with you I’m not even scared of death

I’ll never leave this behind
Track Name: Never Get Fooled Again
every time you open your mouth
more and more shit goes straight south
every time I trust in your words
I already know you’ll crumble my world

and when you say that something will change
I don’t expect it to have a big range
even when you promise it will happen
I do believe the skies will blacken

I can’t even trust anymore
it’s hard for me to ignore
all the things that you were hiding
and all the things that were blinding

’cause I’ve been let down so many times
I can’t even keep counting the lines
all the things you told me were lies
and I can’t believe I didn’t recognize
The next time you try to fool me again
you have to try harder, try like a man
it wont be so easy to do
so get prepered cause I’m expecting you

I will never get fooled again
Track Name: Changes
every day I'm just asking myself
when is this going to end?
where can I set myself free
without pain and misery?
feels like I'm trapped between four walls
which I can’t escape from
where I can't see the light
and I can't find my way out

I’m still looking for my own sanity
I hope it’s not considered vanity
but all the dreams I have ever had
seems like they only exist in my head

you said „everything will change for the better”
but everything is changing for the worst
Track Name: No Escape
when you realize that you prayed in vain
there will be no one to help you
you’re on your own and you’re trying to escape
but you don’t know what to do

there’s no way out of reality
you can run and hide but you can’t escape from here

you’re just waiting for redemption
you’re just waiting for help
but now you have to face the truth
that no one is here to help
if you don’t want to fail in this life
you have to fight to survive
’cause that‘s the only way
to make it through this living hell

nowhere to run, nowhere to hide,
you’re just stuck in this fucked up reality

no escape from reality
Track Name: B.O.F.
I know what you said, and it meant so much
’cause we said it all: „we will never lose touch”
when you turned your back, I knew you were lyin’
you stabbed me in the back, I thought I was dyin’

„real friends are hard to find”, that’s something I heard before
are my good pals there for me? I don’t even know anymore
are we still the same? some of you have proved that
but based on my memories I wouldn’t take a bet

when you left I didn’t know what should I do
people since have talked so much shit about you
I hung my head in shame cause you used to be my friend
and now I sit alone with my head in my hands

sometimes I think about the bonds,we said we would never tear apart
sometimes I think about our past,and it always breaks my heart

the bonds of friendship shoud never be torn apart

if you ever change your mind
don’t wait for me to be kind
I’ve given up, that’s what you’ll see
you’ll have to face reality
Track Name: No Hope
sometimes it feels like I don’t belong here
the scars don’t even want to heal
all hope has turned to dust
my memories look like the oldest rust

life is unfair, thats what I learned from this journey
I’m trying my best, but something always goes wrong 
resigned that there is no hope for me
look at my life, this is my destiny

finding my peace of mind is not an easy ride
no matter what I try I’m not finding love in my life
I feel the weight of the world, tryin to crush me down
but I will fight and fight to survive this endless war

no hope for me